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Who can doubt that our homes have become temples of beautiful things? As traditional religious practices have been put in the bottom drawer, for days like Christmas, we have shied away from churches and cathedrals. In fact, our own domestic abodes have become buildings housing spas (previously called bathrooms) lobbies, atriums and designer kitchens. We fill our homes with aesthetically pleasing objects and artworks. Our houses and apartments are our refuges from the panting maw of our overcrowded city centres. The wealthy among us construct substantial structures, which reflect their social status within our urban tribes.

Domestic Abodes Rich in Material Splendour

Does art play a part in this apotheosising of wealthy human beings at home? Our god like divinity is not based on any heroism, but rather our Croesus like wealth encourages us to live like gods of old. Well, at least like their high priests and princes did in palaces and temples dotted about the ancient world. Science that great measuring tool of the modern age has been responsible in part for the spread of wealth in the western world. The embrace of materialism and the rejection of theism has made our world a place of things without souls or spirit. Does the art on our walls offer some respite from the world of indifferent things?

Life is All About Timing

Australia is full of opportunities for the canny and the wise, through business and the application of skills, one can rise through the ranks to achieve success. Life is all about timing, I have found, seizing the right opportunity at the right time goes a long way to prospering in any age. The acquisition of art is, usually, accompanied by material success. Domestica: Our temples of beautiful things is aligned with qualities such as taste and appreciation of those things considered aesthetically pleasing to our eye. The rooms in our home reflect the concerns and feelings inside our heads and hearts.

From Blood Sacrifice to Tofu

The world of human beings is changing, evolving and moving ever further away from our beginnings. Animals are becoming more beautiful to look at and less attractive to eat for many in the west. A mass trend toward vegetarianism may echo, belatedly, religion’s turning away from blood sacrifice during the demise of the Roman Empire. Will our modern suburban gods put away the BBQ or throw another slab of tofu on the grill?